Traumpfad History

The 1990’s: an innovative decade for the music scene – not only on an international scale. There’s also a lot going on in a tranquil little region of South Bavaria. Many new bands emerge, while many others split up, giving up their musical ambitions or lose track of each other - the usual.


One of those Bavarian bands splitting up in the 1990s were the Death Metal guys forming ADAPT. At the drums a young guy called Andi Brandl, who beats the double bass as if there was no tomorrow. And on the microphone “the young Antichrist” Jonny Faggetter, whose masks would make Slipknot and the like turn green with envy.


Just a couple of miles away the 70s Rock band SUN DRIFTING had just been calling it a day. At the guitar a young man driven by Ritchi Blackmore, with the name of Marko Effenberger.


Follow-up projects of both bands don’t really get into gear, until Andi Brandl, Jonny Faggetter (now at the bass guitar) and Marko Effenberger start meeting for regular sessions. The seed of Traumpfad is put on fertile ground.


They decide that the session combo should become a real band. A band which denies itself to musical conventions. A band of its own free will.


In 1997 Anja Stadler (now Anja Lange) joins the band as a singer, the first concerts are performed. After two years Anja leaves the band and after a longer stint abroad begins studying Jazz for singers in Munich. Until 2011 the mother of two lives with her family in Munich and is working as a singing teacher. By the end of 2011 the family moves to Hamburg. The band Traumpfad and Anja Lange never really lose touch. That is why in 2010 Anja is present as a guest singer on the album „Aufbruch“ – just as in the debut album in 2004.


In 1998 the still young band chooses the name Traumpfad (Dreampath).


In the same year the keyboarder and pianist Matthias Unterhuber joins Traumpfad.


In the years 2000 and 2001 the band is supported by the saxophonist and singer Johnny Tietgen, a creative head from Hamburg living in Bavaria, he never really becomes a permanent member of the band though.

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