Traumpfad History

Up until 2003 the band doesn’t have a singer but delivers some well received performances as an instrumental band.


In 2003 finally the long awaited permanent singer joins the band: Flo Huber. At that point in time, Flo Huber is still the drummer of the regionally well known Dark Metal band Dissonant and in 2005 starts up the band Mosaik with the remaining members of Dissonant. Traumpfad finally is complete and begins recording the debut album with the like name, which is published in 2004 and which by now is sold out.


In 2005 the band strucks up contact to another Bavarian band – RPWL from Freising near Munich. In their Farm studios the second CD „Die Kreise schließen sich“ (The circles are closing) is recorded in 2006. Now there is no denying that Traumpfad is an integral part of the German prog rock scene. Critics see the renaissance of the German-language Kraut- and prog rock in the tracks of Novalis, Hoelderlin and Anyone’s Daughter. But somehow all comparisons are just not quite right. The associations with the pioneers of German rock music are more due to feeling than actually coming from a direct comparison of Traumpfad’s actual music. Probably the band has already reached more than many other bands at this point. They are unique in their combination of poetry and stylistics and possess what rarely can be found nowadays: their own style.


In 2006/2007 Traumpfad participates in the Austrian-Band-Contest. This is the larges Austrian competition with more than 1000 band from Austria and the neighboring countries taking part. Traumpfad makes it to the finals and comes 7th in the overall ranking.


In 2008/2009 Traumpfad is performing in concert in East Germany, Austria and Switzerland and hits the stage with bands from quite different genres like Guru Guru, Bonfire and RPWL. In the background the creative work-flow for a new album is kicking off.


In 2010 the band spends again some time at Farm-Studios in Freising recording their third album. In March 2011 their probably most mature longplayer “Aufbruch” is released. Reviewers and fans are thrilled.


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